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This section presents the research sources and corpus developed by the members of the André Chastel Centre (some of which through partnerships).

The following are thus gathered:

  1. Sources and corpus published online on the Chastel Centre’s website.
  2. Sources and databases published on other websites, the André Chastel Centre being partner (unique or principal) of the collection, processing and editing of various sources.
  3. Websites and databases under construction.
  4. Sources available at the Chastel Centre: databases and directories.


1. Sources and corpus published online on the Chastel Centre’s website

The book The Art of dwelling in Paris in the 17th century. Furnishing of the ‘hotels particuliers’, from Nicolas Courtin, published by the éditions Faton in September 2011, is based on the analysis of 55 post-mortem catalogues between 1610 and 1716 in 24 hotels.

The catalogues themselves are not part of the book but are published online on this website, with both a presentation of each hotel and the online publication of the catalogues in extenso – with the author’s transcription into modern language (spelling and punctuation)-and the reproduction of the original acts kept at the National Archives.

One will find in footnotes some additional information, especially regarding the tapestries and paintings which have been identified; a link towards a reproduction is available in this case.


2. Sources and databases published on other websites

  • Théophile, Collection of images in history of art of the André Chastel Centre: stained glass, monumental sculpture, architecture.

Design and indexing: Karine Boulanger, Béatrice Coquet, Catherine Limousin and Geneviève-Marie Marion; posted online by Flavien Monnier; photographs of the André Chastel Centre taken by Christian Lemzaouda and Céline Gumiel; graphic design by Catherine Prioul.

First to be published online in 2017, the Stained Glass Window Collection.

  • Eugene Delacroix’s Letters, online since the 1st September 2010 on the Louvre Museum server. Directed by Barthélémy Jobert (André Chastel Centre) and Christophe Leribault (Louvre Museum/Delacroix Museum); within the Chastel Centre: design and execution of Catherine Limousin, Thierry Laugée, and Geneviève-Marie Marion – public deal with OPIXIDO -, in collaboration with Viviane Benoît-Renault, Ronan Bouttier, Jérémie Cerman, Sylvain Cordier, Isabelle Havard, Émilie Martin-Neute and Thomas Renard. Project « Corpus » chosen by the ANR (National Agency for Research).

The result of a partnership between the University Paris-Sorbonne – Paris IV and the André Chastel Centre on one hand, and the national museum Eugène Delacroix, attached to the Louvre Museum on the other hand, this database will make available all Eugène Delacroix’s letters.

Besides the addition of many letters recovered since the publication of the 6 volumes of Delacroix’s letters by André Joubin in the thirties, the entirety of the transcriptions deserved to be looked at again and the notes completely renewed. This important team-work, funded by the National Agency for Research, aims to offer online a diplomatic transcription of the letters (along with pictures of the manuscripts when possible), a modernized version, interactive notes and an index of the letters. This database continues to expand each year with the addition of many letters.

To see the presentation brochure – English version.

From 1795 onward, the Civil Buildings Council, bringing together the most outstanding talents of French architecture, meets several times a week to decide on projects submitted to their examination. The minutes of these sessions are kept in the sub-series F21* of the National Archives.

These minutes being until now difficult to access, the André Chastel Centre has undertaken to create a database based on the reading of some of the registers of the series. This database, named CONBAVIL for CONseil (council) des BAtiments ciVILs (of the Civil Buildings), the result of a partnership between the André Chastel Centre, the National Archives and the INHA, contains the analytical reading of the 26900 reports placed in the 66 first registers of the minutes of the Civil Buildings Council, i.e. the years 1795-1840 (F21*2470 à F21*2536), and the digitalized images of the projects accepted during this period, for the first time matched to the reports relating to them.

Result of a pluri-annual agreement between the National Archives and the André Chastel Centre, the scientific inventory of graphic artworks of the Menus Plaisirs collections from the National Archives was written by Jérôme de la Gorce, research director at the Chastel Centre, in collaboration with Michèle Bimbenet-Privat then Pierre Jugie, curators in chief successively in charge of the collection of the Maison du roi at the National Archives.

The database is located in ARCHIM, a digitalized bank of images of archival documents from the CHAN (Historical Centre of the National Archives).


3. Websites and databases under construction

  • Writings on art: Collections Deloynes from the prints and photography department of the BnF (National Library of France – transcriptions of the 63 volumes of reviews assembled by Deloynes) and Landon Collection (Annales of the Museum).

Online publication expected on the André Chastel Centre website, for Deloyne’s first ten volumes.

Co-directed by Thierry Laugée (with the BnF), Marianne Grivel and Barthélémy Jobert, in collaboration with Paris IV Master 1 students.

Created by Marie-Madeleine Gauthier. Directed by Geneviève François from 1998 to 2012.

The database of the works ‘Southern enamels’ is in the process of being published online in the ‘Agorha’ database of the INHA.

The database Bibliography of the corpus of southern enamels is online since the 25th May 2012 on the website INHA-AGORHA (Global and Organized Access to Ressources of History of Art). Authors: Geneviève François and Frédéric Tixier.
It contains international bibliographical references from the 18th century onward, general and specialized books regarding the area of precious arts in medieval Europe, Champlevé enameling, in particular that in provenance of Limoges; collections catalogues, museums, exhibitions, sales; geographic and topographical inventories referring to the enamels listed in Corpus of southern enamels database.

From 2012 a new team is in charge of the Corpus: Isabelle Marchesin (INHA), Alain-Charles Dionnet (Ville de Limoges) et Élisabeth Antoine-König (Louvre Museum).

  • Annotated catalogue of the work of Maurice Denis, in the context of the website Catalogue of the work of Maurice Denis, dir. Claire Denis, in collaboration with Fabienne Stahl for the stained glass.

Regarding Stained glass and Maurice Denis: participation of Véronique David.

  • Parisian artists of the end of the middle ages (14th-16th century). A corpus comprising 1400 biographical notices of artists who appear in the central index of Paris notaries before 1515; these notices are associated on one hand to analysis of acts of that collection covering the period 1483-1515, and on the other hand to other documentary or bibliographical sources identified for these artists.

To view Étienne Hamon's book Documents from the Parisian notaries' central register. Art and architecture before 1515, online on the Archives Nationales server (to access: 1) « Accéder à la Salle des inventaires virtuelle pour commencer votre recherche » / 2) Guides thématiques : « Notaires de Paris » / 3) on the left: Notaires de Paris: Art et artisanat - « Art et architecture avant 1515 »).

Author: Étienne Hamon.

  • Artists and networks (16th-18th century) : transcription and inventory of the Laborde catalogue from the manuscripts department of the National Library of France. Composed of 66 080 certificates, copies of Parisian public registers (16th-18th century) destroyed by the fire set to the Hôtel de Ville in 1871.
    • Direction : Mickäel Szanto and Alain Mérot, in collaboration with the National Library of France (Matthieu Bonicel) and Frédéric Glorieux.


4. Sources available at the André Chastel Centre

Several databases and indexes are available on request, by getting in touch with André Chastel Centre (K. Boulanger for collection ‘Lambert’) or D.Thierry-Mieg.

  • Ancient plans of French monastic complexes and religious buildings (Photographic collection ‘Lambert’). Catalogue and making of the database: Karine Boulanger.
  • Parisian Grocery Products, 16th - 19th Century. Author: Benoît Dufournier.
  • Cities of art and history: collection of slides representing the urban and architectural heritage, ordered by the DAPA in 1987. Making and updating of the database based on the collection: Geneviève-Marie Marion, in collaboration with Camille Ridel-Brouillard.
  • Gothic architecture: personal photographic collection of Prof. Anne Prache. Filing and processing of the documents into a database: Geneviève-Marie Marion.

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