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The entrance, Galerie Colbert, Paris

The André Chastel research Centre in History of Art

The André Chastel research Centre in History of Art (UMR 8150 or ‘mixt unit of research’), is a mixt unit which exists in its present form since the 1st January 2004. Placed under the triple tutelage of the CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research), of the university of Paris-Sorbonne and the French State Department for Culture (‘Direction Générale des Patrimoines’, a heritage governmental body), it brings together around fifty members, research fellows, lecturers and engineers who, within six teams, propose and promote works and activities regarding the history of art from the middle-ages until today.

The name of André Chastel is a testimony to the great historian of art’s initial patronage upon the two institutes from which the Chastel Centre originated.

With 54 members, the Centre represents the largest research team in history of art in France: it brings together 13 CNRS research staff and engineers, 32 lecturers of the university Paris-Sorbonne, 3 curators attached to the DGP (‘Direction Générale des Patrimoines’), 4 research assistants on a fixed period contract and 2 students on a contract with the university Paris-Sorbonne. More than one hundred of PhD students also take part in its scientific project.


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29 Novembre 2021 - 9 Décembre 2021 Conférence
26 Novembre 2021 Séminaire
7 Novembre 2021 Bourse, soutien
22 Octobre 2021 - 23 Octobre 2021 Journée d'études

Les membres

Analyste de sources anciennes
Assistante en documentation
Professeur / Professeure
Professeur émérite
Maître de conférences
Directrice adjointe
Professeur émérite
Directeur de recherche émérite
Directeur de recherche
Professeur émérite
Ancien membre