Photographic Art Reproductions, from 1839 to the Present

Photographic Art Reproductions, from 1839 to the Present

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William Henry Fox Talbot, Bust of Patroclus, 1843, photographie, 14,9 x 11,9 cm, Getty collection ©Wikimedia




23 Juillet 2021


À distance
  • Colloque international organisé par :
  • l'Université de St Andrews (UK) et le Centre André Chastel (France)




This conference is free and does not require registration. To access the event via Microsoft Teams, simply click on the following link on the day of the conference (July 23) :

If you have any conference-related inquiries or face problems accessing the event, do not hesitate to contact Sofya Dmitrieva at



  • 10.00 (BST)
    Welcome and introduction by Sofya Dmitrieva and Lucy Szemetová
  • 10.15
    Keynote lecture
    Stephen Bann (CBE), Aims and Effects of Early Art Reproduction by Photography
  • 11.15 Break
  • 11.25
    Panel 1. The Reproduction,the Original, and the Museum(chair : Gabrielle Slack-Smith)
  • Ann Compton, Reproducing Reproductions : Bedford Lemere’s Photographs of the Royal Architectural Museum’s Collection of Plaster Casts
  • Griet Bonne, Panoramic Ambitions: Collecting Rubens’ Oeuvre (1877-1927)
  • Madeleine Page, Paintings and Their Visually Indistinguishable Copies
  • 12.45 Lunch break
  • 14.00
    Panel 2. The Materiality of the Photographic Reproduction (chair : Meg Dolan)
  • Anthony Hamber, Materiality and Photographic Art Publications, 1839-1880
  • Muriel Heisch, Between Competition and Coexistence –Photographic Reproductions in Illustrated Art Journals of the 19th Century
  • Rod Bantjes, Paintings for the Stereoscope
  • 15.20 Break
  • 15.30
    Panel 3. The Photographic Reproduction as an Educational Tool (chair : Mi Zhou)
  • Oriane Girard, The School for the Eye : Louis Courajod’s Photography Collection, 1870-96
  • Julie Codell, Multiple Uses, Multiple Spectators : The Berlin Photographic Company and European Modernism in the US
  • Dorota Łuczak and Aleksandra Paradowska, The Role of Artwork Reproductions in the Polish Identity Building Process after the Second World War
  • 16.50 Break
  • 17.00
    Panel 4. The Photographic Reproduction and the Artist (chair : Francesca Butterfield)
  • Kathryn Kremnitzer, Manet and Photography – Across Media and in the Archives
  • Sara Vitacca, Framing the Old Masters : Renaissance Art Photographs in 19th-Century Artists' Collections
  • Natasha Ruiz-Gómez, Noir et blond : Auguste Rodin's Photographic Scrapbooks
  • 18.20 Break
  • 18.30-19.30
    Roundtable. Dominique de Font-Réaulx, Patrizia Di Bello, Michelle Henning and Kim Timby



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